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Director's Message

Dear Friends,
Character is the quality that makes a person or a group of persons different from others. It distinguishes the good from the bad. It underscores the fundamental features of strong and weak men in their bid to make a clear statement in life. Character is the seed of life.

At this time in our national life, it is necessary to cross - examine some of the ideals which have shaped the very character of our contemporary society. Whether their are good or bad, right or wrong , strong or weak, or even desperate or sublime.

India has now bean gifted, with a young population. It the youth are taught to develop their cognitive intelligence to become original thinkers; imbibe emotional intelligence to develop team spirit and a rational risk taking attitude; inculcate moral intelligence to blend their personal ambitions with national goals; cultivate social intelligence to defend civic right of the weak, defend gender equality and develop the courage to fight injustice and develop spiritual intelligence, then India can develop a superior species of human beings - youth who can be relied on to contribute to making the country a global power within be next two decades.

Dear friends, A country may appear to be prosperous and advanced in every possible way; but if people of character, people of noble qualities, people with a kind heart are not present in large numbers the decline and fall of the country is sure to come.

Hence, we all should have good manners, character, faith in almighty and respect towards all kinds of social, spiritual, national and international values and practices as well.



• M. A. (Delhi University) (Ramjas College)
• P. G. Diploma in Journalism (Delhi University)
• B. A. (Hons.) Delhi University
• M . A . (Mass Communication) K.U.
• Training Course in Book Publishing from National.
• Book trust, NBT, New Delhi of India. National workshop for India Institute of mass communication, IIMC, New Delhi.
• Intern at univarta and Hindustan Media groups.
• Consultant to many reputed institutions like School, Collage, NGO, Coaching, Publishing House, University, Media House and other fields of excellent.

Thanks and Regards!
Rakesh Kumar Jha (Managing - Director)


Rakesh Kumar Jha (Managing - Director)